Compost Erasmus

Žiedinė Ekonomika

Background and experience


VsI “Ziedinė ekonomika” is an environmental NGO, which aims to transform Lithuanian economy to circular. Main areas of work include advocacy of best circular economy practises to national and municipal governments, sustainability and climate change education to youth and circular business practices consulting. In the area of advocacy, concentration is on reusable and  recyclable packaging taxation, waste management regulation and incentives, sustainable agriculture policies in direct payments. VsI “Ziedine ekonomika” experts have been involved in several legislation change working groups, including biowaste composting. In the area of youth education, main focus is on sustainable consumption, circular economy models and climate change. VsI “Ziedine ekonomika” lectors have visited schools in 8 Lithuanian regions (before pandemic) and now are creating educational videos regarding climate change. To be able to offer best available practises and knowledge in advocacy and educational projects, VsI “Ziedine ekonomika” is a member of several NGO networks: European Environmental Bureau, Zero Waste Europe, RREUSE, ECOS, Transport&Environment, Climate Action Network Europe, Aplinkosaugos Koalicija, and association European Compost Network. VsI “Ziedine ekonomika” has experience in several projects, together with public bodies and private companies in the areas relevant for this project. VsI “Ziedine ekonomika” experts are conducting a project with farmers, scientists and agricultural experts towards creating recommendations for more sustainable agricultural policies with a focus on sustainable management of soil. VsI “Ziedine ekonomika” experts have been involved in drafting Lithuanian biowaste composting legislation and in writing several biowaste management strategies for regional waste management authorities in Lithuania. VsI “Ziedine ekonomika” staff is currently involved in European project ‘Game on! Don’t let climate change end the game’ and is creating educational videos for high school students about climate change.

Composter Project Team of Žiedinė Ekonomika

Domantas Tracevicius

He holds BSc in Statistics and has 10 years experience in biowaste composting and composting sales. He serves in the European Compost Network board and has been involved in drafting Lithuanian biowaste composting legislation as well as authored several biowaste management strategies for some of regional waste management authorities in Lithuania. Recently he has been selected as one of European Climate Pact Ambassadors.

Meda Bagdonaite

She is doing BSc in environmental management at the University of Manchester, with focus on green infrastructure and sustainable cities. She is passionate about increasing public awareness about the environment and circular economy and has done several campaigns on sustainable consumption and climate change.

Akvile Feiferyte-Skyriene

She holds a BSc in political science and MSc in both public relations and international economics. At the moment, Akvile is doing her PhD in Environmental Engineering on circular economy in Kaunas University of Technology.