Compost Erasmus


Background and experience

The Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (UPCT) is a public university with long experience and tradition in engineering and economic studies. It places great emphasis on international cooperation and mobility, welcoming approximately 200 foreign students and lecturers. With over 90 R&D groups, this University aims to be not only a place for the dissemination of knowledge but also a source of scientific and technological creation. These groups carry out basic and applied research into a broad variety of fields: business administration, legal sciences, environmental engineering, manufacturing, ICT, architecture, to mention just a few. The UPCT is committed to the promotion of research, development, innovation and scientific exchange with numerous public and private national and international institutions, reinforcing its links with the world of industry. The European Projects Office of our University, integrated within the Unit of Research and Technology Transfer, was created in 2009 in order to face the challenges of the European Research Area, meet researchers’ new demands and needs, strengthen EU research activities and foster participation. This Office has wide experience in EU projects. Since its creation, we have applied for more than 300 projects in different calls. We have led or participated in more than 50 EU initiatives. UPCT currently manages 22 European projects, in leading programmes, such as Horizon 2020, FP7, LIFE, INTERREG SUDOE and Erasmus+. In addition, UPCT is part of Campus Mare Nostrum an International Excellence Campus for Higher Education and Research between the University of Murcia and ourselves, and maintain an important connection with the other Technical Universities in Spain (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia y Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña) through UP4, an Alliance specially created for share goals in Teaching and Researching between the four entities in Spain. The addition of these external inputs, together with EUT+ consortium will enrich the pave to a common European Educational and Research Policy.


Prof.Dr. Ángel Faz Cano

He has a Bachelor Degree in Biology (1990), and PhD in Biological Sciences (1997). He is the head of the research group GARSA (Sustainable Use, Management and Reclamation of Soil and Water). His research expertise lines are mainly valorization of residues and by-products for agricultural purposes, also evaluation, degradation and recovery of soil. He has participated in more than 55 research projects of public competition at regional, national and international level, and 70 research contracts with public and private entities, being the leader researcher for the majority. He has also contributed to more than 300 communications to national and international conferences.

Dr. Melisa Gómez Garrido

Chemistry degree specialized in agricultural chemistry and PhD granted by the UPCT. Researcher in the GARSA group at UPCT. Her wide experience is based in investigation, development of technicques related to agriculture, livestock and environment. She has carried out research in management and valorization of pig slurry, fertilizer application, recovery of resources and mitigation of environmental impacts at national and international level. Participation in courses, congress and workshops expanding her knowledge.

Dr. Martire Angélica Terrero Turbí

She has a Civil Engineer Degree, Master in Science and Technology of Water and PhD granted by the UPCT. Currently she is a researcher in the GARSA group at UPCT. Her experience is involved in projects based mainly in treatment and management of by-products from livestock farms with sustainable techniques. Her contributions to scientific journals and her participation in international congresses in the fields of pig waste valorization promote environmental solutions.