Compost Erasmus

Ezine Food Specialized Organized Industrial Zone

Background and experience

With the added value and synergy to be created in our agricultural production of Çanakkale province, which has unique characteristics with its climate soil, Flora and fauna, it is home to the economic development and rural development of Çanakkale with the participation of Ezine Municipality and Çanakkale Chamber of Industry and Commerce in 2016, Ezine Gıda Specialized Organized Industrial Zone has been established. Ezine Gıda Specialized Organized Industrial Zone, excluding companies, a total of 6 personnel work in the Regional Directorate for a fee. In addition, in the cooperation communication signed with Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, many faculty members from the university work as advisors. According to the establishment protocol within the Ezine Gıda Specialized Organized Industrial zone, the sector groups of the participants are as follows: Manufacture of food products, processing and storage of meat and production of meat and fish products, processing and storage of vegetables and fruits, manufacture of vegetable and animal oils and fats, manufacture of dairy products, manufacture of ground grain products and starch and starch products, manufacture of bakery and bakery products, other foodstuffs, manufacture of food products and beverages, such as agriculture and food products industry and sub-industry. Based on these sector groups; the production facilities of cheese, pasteurized milk, concentrated whey, dairy products, table olive, tuna fish, meat products, sandwich and ready-made food, fruit puree, flour, tomato paste, halva and jam, it is planned to have around 90 enterprises. Basically, with the activation of the Organized Industrial Zone, the planned development of the region will be ensured, the proportion of industrial production will be less developed and the production of complementary products that will be transported intensively in the region of immigration will be ensured to increase profitability and productivity by encouraging the production of products that trigger each other development, and prevent the advanced use of productive agricultural areas. Area planning will be enabled, a healthy, high quality and comprehensive infrastructure service will be provided to producers that will provide competitive advantage, and measures will be taken to prevent industrialization and pollution of natural resources and nature in order to protect the region and its environment. In line with the projects carried out jointly with Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, the cluster support program R&D center and food control laboratories equipped with the most technological devices will be offered to the producers. The use of all physical and human resources and production, export and employment potential of Çanakkale province will be encouraged, taking into account the effective rational and  protection-use balance. It will be ensured that information and information technologies are utilized at the highest level and operate as a supra-production that produces added value and future.

Composter Project Team of Ezine Food Specialized Organized Industrial Zone

Alper Altinok

He provides added value to the economy with effective and economical production methods that will be developed by establishing organic relations between the organized industrial zone manager, the producers in the field and the producers in the industrial zone. Alper Altınok completed his higher education at Hacettepe University Faculty of Engineering. Afterwards, he graduated from Anadolu University Faculty of Business Administration and received his second higher education diploma. He has worked in various NGOs until today. He is the Founding President of the Young Entrepreneurs Association. In line with the foundation purpose of the association, he pioneered many personal training and seminar programs for the young population residing in Çanakkale and aiming to enter business life. He served as a Board Member of Çanakkale Builders and Building Contractors Association, and his membership of the association is still continuing. Since 2019, he has been working as a Regional Manager in Ezine Gıda Specialized Organized Industrial Zone. It has taken part in many projects in the food sector in the industrial zone.

Prof.Dr. R.Cüneyt Erenoğlu

He is also the Director of Ezine Vocational School. He received his PhD from Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul . He took part in many projects in the food sector in Ezine and its surroundings as a manager or researcher. In the event that the proposed new project in the field of composting is implemented, it will provide added value to the project with its management experience and its command of the producers in the field.

Ibrahim Kaya

He will contribute to all processes related to composting from producer to user, thanks to his experience in previous food projects. In particular, He will contribute directly to the implementation of all packages of the project . İbrahim Kaya is a university graduate and has been working as a responsible technical staff and project specialist in Ezine Gida Organized Industrial Zone since its establishment in 2016. He took part in the team of the “Providing Innovative Vocational Training for Increasing the Quality of Workforce in the Field of Milk and Dairy Products in Ezine Region” project, which was completed last year, and contributed to the successful completion of all processes.